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Creating a unique, quality, value for money wine under the Osbloed label, was a long-standing dream of Bertus van Niekerk. Osbloed Wines are made, bottled and distributed by Bertus, a former minister, who exchanged church life for winemaking a few years ago and has never regretted his decision.

The Osbloed boutique winery includes a number of interesting and unusual varieties and blends, all made in his garage in Somerset West.

Osbloed's flagship wines include a top-rated Cinsaut and the first blend of Pinotage with its parents, Pinot Noir and Cinsaut. Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, Hanepoot and various blends complete the range. 
In addition to the “Farm Animals Range”, the “Horses of the Apocalypse” range of highly collectable wines are single barrel garagiste wines that shot to fame after being featured in more than 30 publications in 2012;  even some international blogs.

A picture of the cellar crew behind Osbloed wines, published in the 2013 Platter’s Wine Guide, features Bertus and his late wife, Selma and son Hendrik. Selma Albasini was a well-known artist whose work is featured on many of the Osbloed labels.

Bertus is a natural storyteller and brings this talent to wine tasting events that feature both the wines and the stories behind them, making for a unique and entertaining wine experience. He enjoys travelling the country and presenting his wines in person and can be contacted for tasting events throughout the year. 

If you enjoy the stories of where this wine comes from and why that wine tastes the way it does and who stepped on whose toes to make something happen, then an Osbloed Wine Tasting is the place to be!


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